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The Fairy Doors Project

The Fairy Doors Project is a community-wide arts project reviving a Mainstrasse Village tradition started well over a decade ago.

Local artists, residents, and even business owners are creating one-of-a-kind fairy doors — tiny, whimsical entryways installed on businesses and front porches to invite the tiny folk back to MainStrasse, Covington.

Over 15 years ago, Sandi Stonebraker, an entrepreneur and owner of a toy store in Mainstrasse, spearheaded an effort to bring just a little extra joy and delight into the lives of people that lived in and visited the Mainstrasse neighborhood.  She felt like children in her neighborhood and children everywhere could benefit from having a little more magic in their lives.  So, she worked with other neighbors in the area to create the Wee Folk Festivals and install countless magic fairy doors around the community.  The fesitval was so successful in so many ways, but both the world and Sandi became distracted by the everyday normal.. the fairies faded a bit.  Not to fear, though!  Sandi heard the call of the need for the fairies to return to Mainstrasse and a small but dedicated team came to help revive the magic.

This year, we understand that potentially hundreds of fairies will be moving back to Mainstrasse and both business and residents alike are turning out to build doors for the fairies to have a home.

We are proud that we have been chosen as a destination for these magical little friends, and we are grateful to Sandi for keeping her dream alive.

Please feel free to come and enjoy the hard work that artists, homeowners, and businesses have put into crafting their unique solutions for each fairy that inhabits their place.

The Doors & Their Inhabitants

Please click this link to see a list of all the doors that are appearing in our neighborhood.  It changes often, so please check in to see where new fairies have moved in!


If you would like to help support our festivals or contribute to an artist that is making one of the doors for the fairies, please feel free to donate using the GiveLively.org link button below.

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